Advancing the Arms Warrior Spec

So the main driving reason for the Arms Warrior remodelling in 6.0 was to bring back the vision of the big, slow hits dealt with one big weapon. What we got is a slow, boring, handicapped spec that is tedious to play.

For me, the main problems are rage management, you have no style that generates rage, if you can’t start combat with a charge you don’t have rage and literally stand there, doing nothing or using a random talent that costs no rage and is ideally not used there. We have a cool “niche” where we have an AoE style as a filler but the lack of buttons to push and some long downtimes still make it very boring.

My idea is to bring back Slam to Arms baseline. I will explain why and how this is better than what we have now in a moment, let’s look at the current level 45 talent tree row first.

We have:

Taste for Blood: Each time Rend deals damage, you gain 3 Rage.
Sudden Death: Your autoattack hits have a chance to make your next Execute cost no initial rage consume no extra Rage and be usable on any target, regardless of health level.
Slam: Slam an opponent, causing 150% Physical damage. Each consecutive use of Slam increases the damage dealt by 50% and the Rage cost by 100%, stacking up to 2 times for 2 sec.

The first two change an existing button into a better version, the third, Slam, adds a new button to your rotation.

I propose these changes:

Taste for Blood: (no changes)
Sudden Death: (no changes)
Heavy Slamming: (made up a name) Adds a cleave effect to Slam that has the same range as Sweeping Strikes

Of course this is only one idea for a new, Slam-based talent. Another idea would be that Slam is able to multi strike two additional times or something like that.

Next up, we drop Whirlwind. I never felt like it really belonged to Arms, a Whirlwind looks better with two weapons and Arms having Whirlwind AND Thunder Clap was weird. Slam takes it’s place in the default rotation.

For AoE, we now use Thunder Clap which gets its old effect of refreshing and applying Rend back. I never was a fan of the idea of a multi dotting warrior, it didn’t feel good running around between adds, trying to keep your Rends up while doing the rest of your rotation. So now we are still multi-dotting but in a cool, Arms warrior way of slamming my feet on the ground, hurting everyone around me instead of running around, poking every enemy with a stick.

We also streamlined the talent row, now it offers improvements to skills you already have, the niche is still intact via Sweeping strikes and Cleave-Slam (small range) and we have a very good AoE with Rend spreading.

What do you guys think?