Void Shift

So when I read the recent changes to Void Shift in PvP and Shadow Priest utility in general, I got pretty sad about the fact that PvE has to once again suffer from mandatory PvP changes. I really loved being able to rescue players from certain death in many occasions, both in PvE and PvP. So what do I want here now? I’ve come to think about how you could keep the cooldown of Void Shift the same for Disc/Holy and Shadow without having the OP aspect of it for PvP that you obviously wanted to remove. The idea sprung from the name of the ability itself actually, how about Void Shift for Shadows just changes position with the target? For PvE it might just be too much of a Leap of Faith copy but  if you change it for PvP only it could also remove (or move them to the priest?) snares/roots or other CC and be very useful without being OP. Would really love to get your opinions on that. Please don’t nerf me, bro 🙁

This was my tweet to @holinka, never got an answer.