How to reset a Sony Bravia Android TV

Since the website does not mention it clearly: Turn it off. Remove the power Hold Volume Down and Power on the right side of the device. (not on the remote) Turn the power back on while holding the buttons. Watch if the notification LED turns green. Let go of the buttons.

How to make TeamViewer Portable save your settings.

So the TeamViewer team decided to not save settings directly to the .ini file that is processed during start up, causing all your settings to reset to default every time you launch the app. Workaround is as follows: Start TeamViewer Portable Configure everything to your liking Go to Extras > Options > Advanced > Show Advanced Options Scroll all the …

Custom ringtones, alarms, notification sounds on Android 8.x+

Copy-paste your ogg/mp3/wav(?) file to: /sdcard/Notifications for notification sounds. /sdcard/Alarms for alarm sounds. /sdcard/Ringtones for ringtones. If they then do not show up in your System > Sound > Notifications file picker, move those folders to /sdcard/DCIM/Media instead. So /sdcard/DCIM/Media/Notifications for notification sounds. /sdcard/DCIM/Media/Alarms for alarm sounds. /sdcard/DCIM/Media/Ringtones for ringtones. If they still do not show up, reboot your phone. …

Don’t replace owner/group when uploading files with WinSCP

WinSCP by default uses temporary file names for files above a certain size, when uploading to a server. This makes you lose permissions and user/group settings on files you upload and chose to replace existing files on the server. You can disable this here by making it not use temporary files. Feedback thread on the official forums:

My thoughts about the Windows Insiders program

Disclaimer: Every single number I state in this post is pure guesswork. Every time I have to read a “the insiders want more builds” thread on Twitter I just have to shake my head and wonder why Microsoft keeps doing the Windows Insider program the way they are doing it now, instead of the far better version they have on …